The Yoga Ninja Mindset

Author doing Yoga on Rocks

Tomorrow is a gift, not a promise.

What defines a yoga ninja?  A yoga ninja is able to face any situation with a calm centre.  She knows that the answer to any problem lies within her and with mindful consideration, she will be able to find an appropriate solution.

At Yoga Ninja, we know everyone has their own innate healing wisdom.  That is why we are transforming the way we practice from a clinical top-down approach to a mentorship model that fosters critical thinking and empowerment in our clients. 

As the client, you will occupy the leadership role, defining your own health and wellness goals.  Together we will create a plan to achieve those goals, identify potential obstacles in your path, and find ways to either remove or circumvent those obstacles.

To become a yoga ninja, you need to develop a keen sense of awareness, and this is best achieved by having a mindfulness practice.  At Yoga Ninja, mindfulness is considered an essential component of health and wellness and is incorporated into every client-coach relationship. 

Together we will use a combination of techniques drawn from, yoga therapy, meditation, psychology, relaxation techniques, imagery and visualization, and breathwork to help you make the best possible decisions for your health and well-being.

The Yoga Ninja coaching relationship provides a safe space for clients feel secure enough to face their obstacles and explore new ways of achieving the life they truly want.