Prana and the Universe in a Glass of Wine: Manifest the Life you Want

Colourful Universe

Author: Jami Crook

Published Date: February 22, 2021

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone you haven’t heard from in awhile when they suddenly phone or send you a message?  Most of us would chalk up such an experience to mere coincidence.  But is it?

German physicist Max Planck is largely regarded as the founder of quantum physics and developed a measure of length known as the Planck Scale.  It is used to quantify extremely small distances where some scientists believe vibrations are located.  These vibrations correspond to invisible connections which may be the most functional approach we have to compute what is known as Consciousness. 

What I love most about science is that, while we have many theories about how stuff works, and tons of studies to either prove or disprove those theories, there is always a boundary separating what we can explain from that which we cannot.

A perfect example of this is the Observer Effect.  This idea posits that for anything to manifest in the Universe, it must be observed.  This requires an awareness to exist previously to bear witness to the phenomenon before it can be perceived.  The implication is that all of what constitutes the physical Universe is brought about by our Consciousness.

Richard Feynman, another famous physicist, once said, “If we look in a glass of wine closely enough, we see the entire Universe.”  One explanation offered for this comparison is that we experience the wine.  Just as our knowledge has boundaries, so do our senses.  We see the wine approach, note its colour and aroma as it comes closer.  We can hear the gentle lapping of the liquid in the glass if we listen closely enough.  We taste and feel the wine as it touches our lips and tongue.  We experience many similar sensations as we swirl the wine in our mouth and eventually swallow it. 

But where did it come from and where does it go once it is outside the realm of our senses? 

We assume the wine existed before we drank it, perhaps imagining it back to the grapes on the vine and even the soil beneath them.  We infer it will continue to endure as our digestive system breaks it down into smaller and smaller components after we have swallowed it. 

But how to we know?

We know because we have learned this is the case.  Whether or not we have observed the various stages of the existence of wine ourselves does not matter.  We have authoritative testimony to teach us that it is so.  These authorities relay their direct observations and allow us to develop an awareness about the existence of wine even when we cannot use our own senses to experience it ourselves.

Without Consciousness, wine does not exist.

So why the physics lesson?

It sets the stage for humans to be able to determine to a large extent what happens in their lives.

Everything in the Universe – from human beings to algae to inanimate paperclips – has vibrational energy, called a resonance.  In yoga, this life force is called Prana. It circulates through and around us, connecting us to each other as well as to the higher Consciousness.  The higher the frequency, the more powerful the object.  Generally speaking, those objects or processes that are closest to the highest Consciousness are said to have higher frequencies.  The more complex an organism, the more aptitude it has for variability when it comes to its vibrational frequency.  Since humans are among the most intricate entities on our planet, it stands to reason that we have a large capacity for high frequency vibrations.  But this is not always the case.

Thoughts and emotions have their own frequencies.  The more positive the notion or feeling, the higher its vibrational frequency.  Love, forgiveness, charity, compassion, and equanimity are all associated with higher vibrations, whereas hate, greed, fear, and contempt all pulse at lower rates.

The good news is that we can change our resonance.

The Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that higher vibrations absorb and alter lower frequencies.  By engaging in activities and expressing emotions that resonate in upper frequencies, we can alter our overall vibration.

But why do we want to emit good vibes?

That’s where the Law of Attraction comes into play.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.  An object or occurrence that emanates high frequencies will beget more of the same.  Since our thoughts have their own vibrational energy, they directly influence what we manifest in our lives.

The Universe doesn’t care what we manifest.  The Law of Attraction will bring us whatever energy we put out there.  If we consistently vibrate with high frequency resonance, we will bring things to our lives that have similar energies.  The same is also true if we engage in low frequency behaviours.  The vibrations we emit in those circumstances will bring strife and struggle to our lives.

The Law of Attraction is so powerful, that when used correctly and given a little help, it can be compared to having a magic wand.  If you consider the casting of spells in popular literature, the wand merely serves as a conduit of energy.  The caster focuses on what he or she wants to achieve, usually proclaims an evocative intonation, and voilà!  While in real life, we might not be able to make a sports car fall from the sky, with patience and determination we can unveil the paths to be taken in order to obtain that same car.

So how do we use the Law of Attraction to manifest the life we truly desire?

The good news is that there are specific steps to be followed to do just that.

1. Clarity.

Get clear on what you want.  Be specific.  Don’t just think about it.  Dive deep.  Use vision boards.  Write about it in a journal.  Tell your friends about it. Imagine what it will feel like when you have it.  If you want money, picture your bank account balance reflecting the sum you desire.  Come up with an exact amount.  Imagine how you would spend it.  If it’s your dream job, build your wardrobe to prepare you for its eventuality.  If it is a relationship you crave, visualize what your partner looks like, and all the qualities this person brings to the table.

A word of caution here on the last example.  Beware of trying to manifest a specific person into your life as the Universe operates using free will.  If you try to manipulate another, you will lower your vibrational energy and attract similar frequencies.

2. Raise Your Vibration.

Whenever possible, focus on the positive.  Express gratitude for everything that has already manifested in your life.  Love hard.   Forgive others.  Forgive yourself.  Be generous with your money and your time.  Above all, be kind.

This does not mean you should ignore negative feelings, as every emotion needs to be experienced and lessons taken away in order to lift your overall vibration.

3. Meditate.

You don’t need to be a master meditator in order to manifest your true desires.  All you need is focused attention.  Think of this as your wand from the earlier example.  Use a meaningful mantra to give your focus more power. The more you sit in quiet contemplation and think about not only what you want but why you want it, the more the Universe will take notice.

This can be particularly effective in the moments between sleep and wakefulness in the morning and evening.  Simply take a few moments to reflect on the things or events you want to bring forth in your life.  These moments are also particularly potent for communicating gratitude for the gifts already present in your life, which in turn raises your vibration.

4. Acknowledge your Self-Worth.

It is virtually impossible to conjure all the things we want in this life if we do not believe we are deserving of receiving them.  You cannot raise your vibrational energy if you do not practice high frequency behaviours with yourself.  Be your own best friend.  Forgive yourself for past transgressions.  Avoid using defeatist language such as “I can’t…”, “I never…”, “I need to…”.  Practice kindness on yourself first and foremost.

5. Trust the Process.

If you are following the other steps, the only one remaining is to sit back and wait for the Universe to deliver.  Do not misunderstand: manifesting is not the process of conjuring something from nothing.  Think back to the sports car falling from the sky.  In most cases, the above steps will reveal the path to achieve what you most desire.  You much remain open to signs and be willing to do the work.  Do not become attached to the exact outcome, but know the Universe is governed by the Law of Attraction and by default, wants to bring you what you want.

The Universe does not care if you believe in manifesting or not.  Either way, the Law of Attraction will bring you more of whatever you emit.  Whether you subscribe to the above notions or not, raising your vibrational energy is a relatively easy thing to do.  Just be kind.  The Universe will respond accordingly.  Or don’t, and It still will. 

The choice is yours.

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