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Jami is a registered physiotherapist and certified yoga instructor. She currently works at la Clinique de Physiothérapie Nathalie Simard, located at 92 Queen Street in the borough of Lennoxville, Québec, as well as seeing clients in the comfort of their own homes. Her approach to treating clients is a holistic one. She focuses primarily on therapeutic exercises and minimizes the use of therapist-dependent techniques to empower her clients and maximize treatment adherence. Whenever possible, Jami incorporates therapeutic yoga practices into her treatment plans, as she has found them to be very successful at helping clients regain control of their health and well-being. Jami works out of the clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays and sees clients in their homes on the other days. For more information or to book an appointment, please use the Contact Jami tab.













Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

Private therapeutic yoga sessions are done in a one-on-one setting either in the client’s home or at the clinic. Because they are designed by a registered physiotherapist, the focus is on proper body mechanics and alignment in order to maximize safety and effectiveness of the poses. These sessions are ideal for anyone who has concerns about attending group classes, conditions or pain that make regular classes uncomfortable or impossible to complete, or a specific goal with regards to health or conditioning. Private therapeutic yoga sessions will help clients build safe and sustainable personal yoga practices so they will also be able to participate in other classes with a greater sense of safety and security. These sessions are also ideal for athletes looking to improve training techniques, as Jami has a background in both athletic therapy and sport psychology.













Physiyoga Classes

Physiyoga unites the concepts of physiotherapy and yoga. Emphasizing focus on body awareness, proper alignment, breathwork, and practical relaxation techniques, these sessions are led by a registered physiotherapist and will help participants develop a safe personal yoga practice that will promote healthy joints and muscles for life. Designed for all levels of yoga experience.

Where: Centennial Park, Lennoxville, under the roof

When: Thursday Evenings from 7-8pm beginning June 14 and going for 10 weeks (June 14 – Aug 16 with 2 make-up classes Aug 23 and 30 if necessary)

Cost: $100 for the 10 weeks or $15 for drop-ins (the $100 can be pro-rated following an initial drop-in class)

Class Schedule:

June 14th Poses for Building a Better Posture

June 21st Poses for Building a Healthier Back

June 28th Poses for Building Strong and Supple Legs and Hips

July 5th Glute Camp

July 12th Poses for Building Strong Shoulders and a Happy Neck

July 19th Poses for Improving Balance

July 26th Inversions

August 2nd Poses to Improve Immune, digestive, and cardiorespiratory systems

August 9th Poses for Relaxation and Improved Sleep

August 16th Putting it All together

August 23rd Make-up class if necessary

August 30th Make-up class if necessary

*Course taught in English