You CAN have the life you want.

It all begins with self-care.


Start Living your Best Life NOW

You know something needs to change.  OK, maybe several somethings.  But where do you start?  And how do you get the results you truly want?

An experienced and passionate life and wellness coach will help you identify obstacles to these changes, and help you develop the strategies and tools you need to overcome them.

You CAN have the life you want, and together we WILL set you up for success.

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Yoga Wellness Coaching

Love your Life – and YourSelf

Acquire the knowledge and skills to live your best life by identifying and eliminating obstacles to achieving your goals.

Preventing and Recovering from Professional Burnout

Recognize the signs and symptoms of impending burnout and develop strategies to mitigate them.  Learn how to manage the stressors in your life more effectively to protect yourself and your passion for the work you were meant to do.

Self-care for Healthcare Professionals and Caregivers

Healthcare workers comprise one of the industries most at risk for professional burnout.  Learn how to build time into your schedule to look after yourself, no matter how busy you are.  It will make you infinitely more efficient and productive over time.

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Dream and Inspire Stones

Whatever it is you're facing, you are NOT alone.

Whether you’re ready to take immediate action or not, read our weekly Wine and Yoga Blog posts where you’ll find humorous takes on life’s endless curve balls and practical solutions to help navigate them, as well as a plentitude of self-care tips, because you’re no good to anyone – including YOURSELF – if you don’t learn to keep your precious machine well-oiled on this human journey.

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Live Your Best Life.

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